My FP on PF (First Post on Personal Finance)

Welcome, personal finance friends!

I have been wanting to start my own PF blog for a while, and now I am actually doing it! Summer has freed up some time for me to start on my next great endeavor.

A little background information on me: I am a 26-year-old teacher with no debt, and I love personal finance! My goal with this blog is to pass on personal finance information I have learned and learn from you as we all embark on our own personal finance journeys.

I have lived in the great city of Chicago for the past 3 years. Although I love living in the city, the high rental prices are having me look at buying something in the near future.  I am also applying to different schools for this upcoming school year, so I can ditch my car while living in the city.

What made me start this blog is listening to family members and friends around me talk about their financial worries. Many of these people began to come to me for advice, so I wanted to share that financial knowledge in another way.

I also think I bring a different perspective to the table. A lot of personal finance bloggers are married or have a family and their net worth looks a bit different from mine, as they are a dual-income household. I’m a single lady (holla Beyonce!) living in the city, trying to reach my goal of becoming financially independent by the time I am 35.

Thanks for reading this and being a part of the beginning of what I know will be a great journey!