December 2017 Net Worth: $243,838.73

Just got back from an adventurous trip exploring Utah and Arizona. Hiked through water, up some cliffs, and then fell in love with Bryce Canyon. So gorgeous! The friend I traveled with took this pretty picture of Horseshoe Bend.

Happy 2018! My goals include acquiring another property, reading 30 books, and cooking, which is always on the goal list. ūüėČ


Chase                           1,229.52

PNC                               1,297.58

CPS 403b                      98,829.24

IRA: Roth                     45,899.22

IRA: Traditional         1,483.60

More Vanguard Fun   37,046.12

Horace Mann 403b   3,391.96

Pension                        25,571.67

HSA                               3,259.70

Condo                           168,326



Credit Cards               187.63

Mortgage                    142,308.25

Total Net Worth:        243, 838.73


Cash Savings: Started a new checking account with Fifth Third Bank this month for my next rental property! ūüėČ

403b: All maxed out.

IRA Roth and Traditional:¬†Just seein’ that dough rollin’ in.

More Vanguard Fun: Investing what I would be putting toward rent into REITs.

Horace Mann: Not sure where to put these annoying funds.

HSA: AmeriTrade investment, $200ish goes straight into this from my paycheck.

Credit Cards: Pretty low this month. Nice to see.

Mortgage: Threw another 1k at this.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?

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