September 2017 Net Worth: $208,577.48

Officially in school for a month today. Loving my kids and life! My sister is running the Chicago Marathon this weekend, one of the best marathons out there. So excited!


Chase                            401.31

PNC                               4,188.77

CPS 403b                      90,251.51

IRA: Roth                     42,564.89

IRA: Traditional         1,386.72

More Vanguard Fun   24,633.66

Horace Mann 403b   3,370.13

Pension                        23,472.67

HSA                               1,529.12

Condo                           163,775



Credit Cards               572.53

Mortgage                    146,423.77

Total Net Worth:         208,577.48


Cash Savings: First paycheck went to my business account, so transferred my paychecks to this account now.

403b: Almost maxed out.

IRA Roth and Traditional: Maxed out and ready to roll.

More Vanguard Fun: Investing what I would be putting toward rent into REITs.

Horace Mann: They keep calling me, so I think it’s a sign I should do something. 😉

HSA: AmeriTrade investment.

Credit Cards: Paying off in full each month.

Mortgage: Threw another 3k at this baby.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?

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