July 2017 Net Worth: $199,435.86

Life is good in the new ‘hood, and summer is wrapping up. With a new condo, new trips (gondola in Venice!), and new roomies, this summer has been a lot of fun. School starts back up in a few weeks, and I am looking forward to teaching again. ūüôā


Chase                            4,231.12

PNC                               7,015.37

CPS 403b                      83,939.84

IRA: Roth                     40,810.56

IRA: Traditional         1,340.58

More Vanguard Fun   23,715.18

Horace Mann 403b   3,359.02

Pension                        23,472.67

HSA                               1,160.28

Condo                           163,585



Credit Cards               3,494.98

Mortgage                    149,698.78

Total Net Worth:         199,435.86


Cash Savings: Keeping my business account separate for tax purposes.

403b: Almost maxed out.

IRA Roth and Traditional: Maxed out and ready to roll.

More Vanguard Fun: Investing what I would be putting toward rent into REITs.

Horace Mann:¬†One day, I’ll do something.

HSA: AmeriTrade investment.

Credit Cards: Paying off in full each month.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?

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