June 2017 Net Worth: $184,365.62

Hola! The net worth took a dive because I haven’t updated the estimated condo value and mortgage yet. I will have to figure that out after I make the first payment next month. Updates? Well, in addition to buying a condo, I’ve got two roomies paying my mortgage for me (!!) and I arrived back from Peru a few days ago. Tonight, we are taking a whirlwind trip to NYC to visit my sister and check out some sights. Calling in to finally max out my Roth for the year, and hopefully things will be clearer next month once payments start becoming more regular.


Chase                            12,629.78

PNC                               6,778.01

CPS 403b                      82,927.93

IRA: Roth                     35,095.97

IRA: Traditional         1,327.80

More Vanguard Fun   20,404.33

Horace Mann 403b   3,341.94

Pension                        23,472.67

HSA                               1,018.16



Credit Cards               2,630.97

Total Net Worth:         184,365.62


Cash Savings: Added a new business account (PNC) for the condo. 🙂

403b: Almost maxed out.

IRA Roth and Traditional: Finally maxing this out. Took out 10k (gasp!) from Traditional for the down payment since you’re allowed to without penalty. 😉

More Vanguard Fun: Took out a bunch for the down payment and closing costs.

Horace Mann: Still annoyed. Still haven’t done anything.

HSA: Going to invest this with AmeriTrade, since Vanguard is not an option.

Credit Cards: Paying off in full each month.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?

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