March 2017 Net Worth: $185,971.47

Off to the Tiny House Conference in Portland this weekend. So intrigued by these homes…not only the thought of embracing my inner Walden, but the appeal of saving a ridiculous amount of money and being able to travel wherever, whenever.

This month’s jump isn’t as impressive as February to March’s >10k increase, but I’ll take it. The district added an HSA option to medical insurance this school year, which I was pretty giddy to sign up for, so that’s an exciting new addition to the assets. 🙂 Also impressed with the side hustle income of $700 compared to March 2016’s side income of $390.

Let’s spring into it, shall we?


Cash Savings               1,462.01

CPS 403b                      69,639.62

IRA: Roth                     33,650.21

IRA: Traditional         10,816.66

More Vanguard Fun   44,234.93

Horace Mann 403b   3,328.49

Pension                        23,472.67

HSA                               381.81



Credit Cards               1,014.93

Total Net Worth:         185,971.47


Cash Savings: Rent. Because I like where I live.

403b: Went up a good chunk thanks to payday contributions.

IRA Roth and Traditional: Went down a bit. Will hopefully have this maxed out by the end of May.

More Vanguard Fun: All systems a go!

Horace Mann: Will see what I can do to get this out and hopefully transfer to Vanguard. 

HSA: New addition. 🙂

Credit Cards: Paid in full every month.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?


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