January 2017 Net Worth: $168,548.33

I took the trip of a lifetime over New Year’s…Antarctica! I have finally been to all seven continents! I started a teaching job right after, hence the craziness of not even putting up a January net worth post. My first paycheck after 6 months comes on Friday…that will feel nice again. 😛 I may have not made my end-of-the-year net worth goal, but it was completely worth it!


Cash Savings               517.03

CPS 403b                      63,249.20

IRA: Roth                     32,492.89

IRA: Traditional         10,452.12

More Vanguard Fun   38,902.50

Horace Mann 403b   3,314.44

Pension                        21,728.93



Credit Cards               2,108.78

Total Net Worth:         168,548.33


Cash Savings: This has gone down because…ANTARCTICA!

403b: I can finally start contributing to this!

IRA Roth and Traditional: Letting compound interest do its thing.

More Vanguard Fun: This seems to be allocated well, considering I get e-mails telling me I can save an “additional $100” by moving this around. I’m good. Thanks. 😉

Horace Mann: I don’t know if there was any “retirement money.”

Credit Cards: I pay these off in full every month.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?

2 thoughts on “January 2017 Net Worth: $168,548.33”

    1. It was amazing, and you can do it for not too expensive, either. 🙂 You will DEFINITELY be able to crack 100k this year!

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