October 2016 Net Worth: $169,275.18

Well, there she is. Bye, bye Shima! We sold her this past month. I’m not going to say I didn’t cry. It’s silly, I know. A car. But, when it’s your first car, your dream car, and you think of everything that’s happened to you in the past 12 years, well, you know, memories and stuff. ūüėČ


Cash Savings               5,811.90

CPS 403b                       60,037.09

IRA: Roth                     30,647.13

IRA: Traditional         9,898.64

More Vanguard Fun   41,283.95

Horace Mann 403b   3,296.47

Pension                        21,500.00



Credit Cards               3,199.31

Total Net Worth:         169,275.87


Cash Savings: This has gone up because of the sale of my car.

403b:¬†This isn’t happening until I get another teaching job.

IRA Roth and Traditional: Letting compound interest do its thing.

More Vanguard Fun: I have more time to look into asset allocation.

Horace Mann: They sent me a letter saying there may be some money owed from the Retirement fund, so I may be looking into that next month. 

Credit Cards: I pay these off in full every month.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?

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