September 2016 Net Worth: $168,051.17

The picture is in honor of another friend’s bachelorette party this past weekend. We took a trolley tour around the city, stopping in front of Wrigley Field, of course. Go Cubbies! I am off to L.A., Sweden, Germany, and Denmark tomorrow! 🙂

On to the fun stuff…


Cash Savings               5,257.01

CPS 403b                       59,851.59

IRA: Roth                     29,991.82

IRA: Traditional         9,868.06

More Vanguard Fun   40,877.51

Horace Mann 403b   3,290.93

Car                               1,200.00

Pension                        21,500.00



Credit Cards               3,785.75

Total Net Worth:         168,051.17


Cash Savings: This has gone down, thanks to no consistent pay check. (Funemployment!)

403b: This isn’t happening until I get another teaching job.

IRA Roth and Traditional: Letting compound interest do it’s thing…

More Vanguard Fun: I have more time to look into asset allocation.

Horace Mann: This was the only thing that actually went up. Interesting…

Car: I have finally listed this!

Credit Cards: I pay these off in full every month.

How are you doing with your net worth goals?

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